Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arrest Report

That is something I never thought I'd be typing but I did get a copy of it from my lawyer.

This is how "Heather" described me: confused, and not stable on her feet --we were on an incline and she wanted me to do a heel to toe thingy which I tried to explain would be hard to do as a diabetic, but I made an attempt. I was not confused, I was nervous since I had never been told to get out of the car before.

She (me) stated that she had hurt her shoulder but couldn't remember how or when.

I did not say I hurt my shoulder! It was hurting for sure and the dr said it might be bursitis or a pinched nerve.

"Heather" said I couldn't recall the name of the 2 drugs the dr had prescribed. I knew one was an anti-inflamatory and the other was in case that one made me sick to my stomach. There was also a third one. And no, I couldn't tell you what they were without looking on the label!

She said I wasn't aware of what day or time it was! Well hells bells, when did that become a crime? I usually do know what date it is and about what time it is. Depends on what's going on. I do know how to find out! She did her best to make me sound dopey and drugged up.

She said I said I was taking the meds 4 times a day. WRONG! What they don't know is that I always take a smaller dose at first to see if that will do the job. I am not a pill-popper and not fond of taking medication. I had only taken ONE dose before I went to sleep early Sat night. My arm was hurting because I did not have enough medication in me!

Looks like it'll pretty much be my word against hers. I know there was nothing wrong with me other than intense pain with my shoulder. I crossed the center line when I was looking in the rear view mirror to see who was blinding me with their lights!

The court date has been changed to September. I hope I'm not in a basket by then.

(Thanks for the emails!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Have Reached Hell

I was brought out of my glass cell to stand in front of this man and answer questions. I don't remember all of them but I do remember he asked me if I had ever felt like committing suicide and I said with a laugh--well, I'm beginning to! He smiled and didn't say anything. I found out what that smile was for alittle later. I was called out again and told to come to this new room. Once there, this dyke said I was being put on suicide watch and to take off my clothes! I said I had not been serious but no, take your clothes off and stay in this pink cement room with nothing to sit on but the floor. I could not believe these idiots! Oh, there was a guy with gloves on standing in the door--in case I was trouble, I guess. The dyke was making fun of me but yet I was told more than once how seriously they take suicide! BULL! They were enjoying themselves. I was given this velcro thing and a thin pad to sit on the cold floor with. There were no windows and for a toilet there was a grate in the floor! The food which I couldn't tell what most of it was, was brought by 2 guys in a brown tray and sat on the floor. Now I know how dogs and cats feel. It was always cold and the only thing I ate from Sun--Mon afternoon was some watery jello. I wasn't hungry and I still have trouble eating. The guys who brought the food were concerned about me--they kept noting if I had eaten anything. After I ate the jello, one of them said well, as long as there's something in her stomach! I wanted to scream shut up, you idiots! But I didn't know what they would do to me if there was an "outbrust"!

I fell in that cement room three times and finally quit trying to get up. I asked these concerned people to take me to the hospital and guess what? NO ONE CAME! My left leg was numb from sitting on the floor.

I couldn't see a clock or anything, but it felt like I'd been in that hellhole far longer than I was suppose to be! I yelled thru the door asking for someone to help me use the phone. A woman came to the door and I told her I hadn't called anyone and that I couldn't get up. She went to get a wheelchair and an Asian officer who pulled me up by my hand. She pushed me over to the phone that I had heard other people chatting on all day and I asked her what time it was--2 AM! Who the hell would be in an office or even awake??!!

She looked up my husband's aunt and uncle--they're in their 70's and 80's and I woke them out of a sound sleep because I didn't know what else to do! She had a dr's appointment in the morning so I said I'd keep trying one of my cousins. The only number she could find for him was his office. Useless. She asked me if I as thirsty and brought me some water. The first I'd had since I got there. I begged not to be put back in that room, but she said they had to. I asked to be left in the wheelchair. Couldn't.

I felt like telling funny man he could forget about the suicide watch but he better watch for homicidal rage!

There were cameras everywhere and also male guards.

They decided I needed a bath later maybe 'cause I'd peed on myself! They said someone was coming to see me but wouldn't say who it was. I was just glad someone was coming to get me out of this hellhole! Later when I got to check-out, in the wheelchair, I almost broke down when I saw our aunt and uncle. They had come after the dr's appointment. She asked them what I was arrested for and was told public intoxication, to which she said, I didn't drink. No comment from the genius!

I had walked in that special little hell and I left limping on a numb leg and barely able to stay upright! They took the money I had and gave me a check! We had ro locate my car because it wasn't where they had said it would be. I couldn't find my checkbook and had to get someone to take me to the bank the next day--I had to pay cash for my car, $200!

Oh yes, I fell on the steps coming in and smashed my nose. Luckily, it wasn't broken but it sure bled and hurt like the devil! I had to hold onto someone for a couple of days when walking and still do not have normal walking abilities and the leg is still numb. I plan to seek medical care.

I hate the sobs at that place and you don't want to know what I wish for them! I have to go to court Aug 26th, so keep me in your thoughts 'cause I just might go beserk if I have to see them again!

I'm having trouble eating and sleeping and I see them everytime I go out! It was the most humiliating, degrating experience of my life and I will never feel the same way about cops again. Never.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dummies That Run the Jail

Okay, boys and girls, I am going to try to tell you how I came to spend some time last Sunday thru Monday at the Columbiana Jail. I am not a criminal nor have I been arrested before. I should not have been arrested last Sunday but the young girl that stopped me seemed very intent on it. Let me go back a few days and tell you that I spent eight hours in the ER in a whole lot of pain with my right shoulder. They gave me a shot and 3 prescriptions. One of them was for an anti-inflamatory, hydroco/apap, generic for loratab 7.5, The other 2 were to calm my stomach if that made me feel pukey.

I took one Friday and again Saturday--and went to sleep afterwards. The directions said to take 1 to 2 pills every 4 hrs, but I always start out by taking the smaller dosage. I woke up early Sunday morning and needed to go to the only store open, WM. I planned to go there and come right home. It's about a 5 min drive. I couldn't tell much difference in my arm--it still HURT! After I got back to the car, I spent several minutes trying to put the car in gear so I could leave. During this time, I was screaming from the pain. I finally gritted my teeth and used both hands and got it in D! I was saying a few choice words! I knew when I got home I was going to be taking another dose of pain medication. Out where we are it's very dark. I was looking for our road when I realized there were a couple of cars behind me and it was making it hard to see. I was mostly holding onto the steering with my left hand because the right one hurt so much. I looked in the rear view mirror and I knew I crossed over the line but I corrected it. Next came the flashing lights and I pulled over in a church driveway. This young woman had me get out of the car and said she wanted me to touch my nose, put one foot in front of the other and follow her pen with just my eyes, which I did. (I was hoping she would say try to strangle me!)I said why are you asking me this--I am a diabetic and I don't drink. She said I had gone over the white line and I could've killed someone. I was a minute from where I lived and the only other people were behind me on the road!

I was standing by my car and she came up and grabbed my hand and said she was going to arrest me for PUBLIC INTOXICATION! How the hell can that be if I haven't had anything to drink? She put me in handcuffs in her backseat! They said they would go tell my son what happened and give him the food I'd just bought. They only half did that and my car was not towed to where they said it would be. We were driving to the other side of the county and I asked where we were going. Columbiana County Jail--I think that is what the little hellhole is called! The sun was just coming up when we got in that area. She drove inside and I asked to have the handcuffs removed because they were pinching my wrists. She finally got around to removing them and I was given a stiff blanket and put in a glass cell. I was told I'd be there 12 hrs! No one in my family knew where I was. The AC was set very low and it was very cold in there.

I'm going to save part 2 for the real hell.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation...NOT!

When I recover from some physical pain I've been in for a few weeks now, don't let me forget to tell you about my visit to the Shelby County Jail. Yeah, who's bad?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hope all the dads have a great day!

Please go read about the Hoyt father/son team and if you can spare alittle, decide to help sponsor them! I have admired this man since I first saw him push his son, tow him and balance him on the handlebars during a triathalon! Amazing doesn't do him justice!


Friday, June 19, 2009


What's so hard about staying onboard a cruise ship? Three people have gone overboard in the past month in the Gulf of Mexico! One was found clinging to a buoy on the ship's return trip! I bet he was clinging! I wonder if he could hear the opening song from Jaws while he was clinging?!The dummy said he was standing on the railing to get a better view of something when he slipped off! Maybe they should limit the alcohol intake! Or have them take an IQ test before they can get on the ship!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of Many

The other night, a storm came through and after blinking, we heard a very loud boom and the lights went out! Always guarantees a good time! Our closest neighbors are on a different line so their power stayed on! Just to be sure there was no doubt about their power still being on they had all their outside lights on and most of the inside lights, too! So much fun to be sitting in the dark--and I DO mean DARK--and knowing the neighbors have power to spare! :) Of course, that meant no tv, no computer, no nothing that required electricity!

The cordless phone won't work without power so my son had to dig out the rotary so I could report it. We have one working light and several non-working lights and I remembered seeing batteries and lights at the check-out and thinking I should get some of those! So, I'm holding the phone, trying to make out the phone number and dialing at the same time! The lady at the power co couldn't give me an estimate of how long it would take. Seems there were lots of people in the same boat we were in! That's always good news--NOT! I knew we might be in for a long wait since we were basically by ourselves. We did have a battery operated radio but because they were changing the tvs from analog, we couldn't pick up the tv station on it anymore.

As it got later and we hadn't seen any trucks, repair work seemed to be a long way off! I tried to go to sleep but kept waking up, so around 4 or 5 am I got dressed and went in search of a new battery and a flashlight. I was even thinking about which motel would be a good bet for that night. I had just read about the housekeeper who told all in an article about how sometimes they have to hurry and might only wipe out the sink and just flush the toilet! Yuk! I found a new battery and got a new flashlight (wonder how long we'll have this one?) and went home to try to take a nap.

Still no power, so I proceeded to nap and around 1 pm my son woke me up saying the power repair guys were on our street! It was raining and windy but they got our power on! Yay for the guys who come out in that kind of weather to bring alittle light into your life! We found out later that there were around 100,000 houses without power! We were without for 15 hours but it could've been alot worse!

I know one thing, I was not meant to be a pioneer woman!

Monday, June 15, 2009



If you haven't read about the telemarketers that make those awful car warranty calls, you need to read this article! Unbelieveably, they've made 10 million smackers doing this! I seriously doubt this little bump in the road will slow them down much.

I have caller ID and when I see what looks like a telemarketer, I don't even answer the phone. I signed up for the 'do not call' list long ago but it seems to be overlooked, now.  < sigh>

Did I mention I can't stand these jerks? I feel the same way about all the spam I get on a daily basis!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

People In Glass Houses....

Letterman has become a sleazebag! He really needs to retire! He seems to be having a memory problem--he forgot all about having his son out-of-wedlock and not marrying the mother for 4-5 years. Big memory lapse! He can't claim being young and impetuous either. He was in his late 50's and old enough to know better.

The comments about Palin and her family are far from funny---they're tiresome! Just like Dave's show. It was funny this week, one time, to hear Julia Roberts kissing up and telling Dave that he was the funniest late night host! HA He can have her come on every night, doesn't matter. He's still not funny any more. CBS was conned when they renewed his contract. Rip off!

I used to love Letterman years ago, but haven't watched in over a decade now. I watch sometimes just to see if he's funny again, but I'm always disappointed. Poor, sad Dave.


Send a message to CBS.